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Our Story

Our company structure.

At JayRo Productions, we prioritize quality over quantity. We are a small and agile company that does not prioritize growth at all costs. Instead, we prioritize excellence in every project we take on.

To achieve this high level of quality, we collaborate with top-tier filmmakers, audio engineers, animators, and editors as needed for each project. This approach allows us to tailor our team to the specific needs of each project, resulting in exceptional videos that are delivered efficiently and without the inflated costs often associated with larger video agencies.

How we serve our clients.


We have found that we can achieve the best outcomes for our clients by working closely with a limited number of them rather than trying to manage multiple projects simultaneously. We believe in building strong relationships with our clients to create the most valuable results for their business.


We understand that video can be utilized in many ways, but our goal is to identify the strategies that will generate the most profit for your business.


To do this, we take the time to thoroughly understand your business, including your target market, unique values, and more.


Our Story

We started a video production company.


It’s not easy to find a video production company that offers what you truly need. You know, more than just creative ideas and well put-together videos - but the marketing know-how that gets you results, and the project management skills to finish the project on time and on budget. That’s exactly what our team can do for you. We have a proven process that strategically shares your brand’s stories with the world while guiding you to success as a leader in your industry.

We pride ourselves on professionalism, efficiency, and strong communication that results in successful campaigns. Our deliverables not only engage and entertain, but inspire your audience into becoming your biggest fans. Oh yeah, and we never forget to have fun while doing it. We believe work should be a blast for everyone!


Our Story

We work with all types of clients.


We work with business owners who are striving to improve and grow their businesses. We offer our services to these individuals directly, as well as to their internal marketing teams or external agencies responsible for marketing and communications for the brand. Our goal is to help these business owners achieve their dreams of building a successful and impactful company.

We work with a range of business types, including:


  • Consultants, coaches, public speakers and independent contractors

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Dentists, doctors, orthodontists, and pediatricians

  • Law Firms

  • Political Officials

  • Construction, production, and contracting companies

  • Local community hubs

  • Government Agencies

Want to see if your business is a good fit? Head on over to our contact page and get in touch!



The JayRo Productions team is a leading Montgomery, AL-based video production company that specializes in helping businesses tell their stories in the most comprehensive and remarkable way possible. We can travel anywhere even though we are headquartered in Montgomery, AL. With our help, you can be sure to get all of your points across effectively using engaging video content!


(334) 220-3510

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